Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Casey Lee  27 Dec 1922Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2430
2 Baptist, Belle Townes  28 Nov 1877Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2392
3 Baptist, Lucy Reid  5 Nov 1885Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2390
4 Baptist, Nathaniel Wilson II  4 Sep 1887Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2389
5 Cotten, Albert Sidney  6 Dec 1861Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2615
6 Glass, Luther Franklin  18 Jan 1875Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P294
7 Hall, Charlie Edd  19 Apr 1922Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2642
8 Hall, Isaac Edgar "Edd"  8 Feb 1879Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2634
9 Hall, William Edgar  26 Dec 1904Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2643
10 Haynie, Frances L "Annie"  26 Oct 1871Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2139
11 Hubbard, Barbara Ellen  9 Mar 1896Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P318
12 Lackey, Linnie Miriam  22 Aug 1898Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2633
13 Miller, Lois  22 Jul 1913Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P764
14 Price, Lucille "Ceil" Lucinda  28 Dec 1903Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P1327


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Casey Lee  18 Apr 2005Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2430
2 Ash, William Joseph  1918Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2384
3 Ashe, Gladys Owen  26 Jun 1997Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2382
4 Baptist, Belle Townes  23 Jun 1897Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2392
5 Baptist, Mary Lumpkin  22 Jul 1892Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2391
6 Baptist, Nathaniel Wilson I  4 Jul 1915Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2387
7 Barret, Mary C  19 Jan 1869Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2181
8 Barret, William Lewis Dr  Oct 9, 1914Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2119
9 Barrett, Jessie Caroline  20 Nov 1965Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2021
10 Barron, Martha Ardelia “Delia”  22 Jan 1929Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P500
11 Bell, Ina Fentress  11 Jan 1980Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2109
12 Boyd, Isabelle Townes "Belle"  2 Jul 1913Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2388
13 Catlin, Mary Ann  12 Mar 1883Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2451
14 Cotten, Joseph Allen  29 Nov 1918Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2603
15 GIBSON WESTBROOK, Louisa Elizabeth  Bef 1900Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2245
16 Goad, Newton Clay  19 Sep 1920Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P237
17 Goode, Isaac Jones “Scott”  22 Jan 1929Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P268
18 Gooden, Willie Ola  29 Mar 1935Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P1297
19 Hubbard, Will  16 Sep 1917Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P321
20 Huffman, John Franklin  10 Mar 1945Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P888
21 McQuiston, John Calvin  16 Apr 1932Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P1719
22 Mills, Ada Frances  11 Jun 1909Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P830
23 Mills, Claud Manuel  2 Nov 1992Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P774
24 Stevenson, Hester  2 Aug 1939Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P1939
25 Talley, Florence Jean  3 Jul 2003Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2632
26 Webb, James Franklin  16 Jan 1920Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P627
27 Webb, Permelia Jane  5 Dec 1942Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Baptist, Richard Banister I  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2394
2 Barret, William Lewis Dr  9 Oct 1914Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2119
3 Barron, Martha Ardelia “Delia”  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P500
4 Best, Ellen R  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P605
5 Blankenship, Babe  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P999
6 Goode, Fred Knoble  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P269
7 Goode, Isaac Jones “Scott”  23 Jan 1929Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P268
8 Harris, Thomas M.  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P608
9 Misenheimer, Margaret A "Maggie"  Covington, Tipton County, Tennessee P2573