Tipton County, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Martha Goodrum  1 Jul 1841Tipton County, Tennessee P2108
2 Adams, Mary Ann  6 Jul 1846Tipton County, Tennessee P2094
3 Anderson, James Rodney "Todd"  2 Nov 1924Tipton County, Tennessee P2019
4 Anderson, Thomas Taylor I  26 Sep 1888Tipton County, Tennessee P2018
5 Anthony, James Benjamin "Jim" I  29 Jun 1872Tipton County, Tennessee P2092
6 Armstrong, Joseph Samuel  9 Oct 1929Tipton County, Tennessee P931
7 Armstrong, Oscar  22 Apr 1923Tipton County, Tennessee P934
8 Ashe, Ruby Glenn  1918Tipton County, Tennessee P2228
9 Atkins, Lydle  1905Tipton County, Tennessee P2232
10 Banks, John Samuel "Sammie"  16 Nov 1873Tipton County, Tennessee P2329
11 Banks, Joseph Wyatt  1918Tipton County, Tennessee P2381
12 Banks, Lafayette Ross "Pat"  11 Oct 1870Tipton County, Tennessee P2328
13 Banks, William Cummins "Billy"  10 Aug 1874Tipton County, Tennessee P1570
14 Barret, Mary C  9 Jul 1867Tipton County, Tennessee P2181
15 Barret, Robert S  15 Apr 1867Tipton County, Tennessee P2110
16 Barret, Willie E  12 Apr 1860Tipton County, Tennessee P2183
17 Blankenship, Amon Blaydes  20 Sep 1900Tipton County, Tennessee P1654
18 Blankenship, Malford Allen  21 September 1924Tipton County, Tennessee P979
19 Blankenship, Patricia "Trish" Lynn   P1002
20 Blankenship, Robert Parrish  21 Jul 1909Tipton County, Tennessee P880
21 Blaydes, Malcolm Leon  3 Sep 1905Tipton County, Tennessee P1046
22 Byrd, James Henry  Apr 1849TIpton County, Tennessee P640
23 Cotten, Joseph Allen  12 Oct 1854Tipton County, Tennessee P2603
24 Cox, Georgia Sue "Sussie"  24 Oct 1936Tipton County, Tennessee P1017
25 Dacus, Casanna C  8 Jan 1819Tipton County, Tennessee P836
26 Dawson, Leroy R  27 Aug 1877Tipton County, Tennessee P871
27 Dawson, Nicolas Caskey  24 Jan 1872Tipton County, Tennessee P872
28 Dawson, William Bradley Jr  29 Jul 1849Tipton County, Tennessee P860
29 Delaney, Florence Cornelious  9 Nov 1896Tipton County, Tennessee P1395
30 Farmer, Jessie  Abt. Jul 1902Tipton County, Tennessee P1678
31 Glass, Edward Franklin  Jan 1930Tipton County, Tennessee P300
32 Glass, Edward Harrison (Hermon?)  1908Tipton County, Tennessee P296
33 Glass, Hazel  27 Aug 1919Tipton County, Tennessee P303
34 Glass, Infant  5 Sep 1909Tipton County, Tennessee P295
35 Goforth, William Herman  12 Jan 1910Tipton County, Tennessee P784
36 Goode, Noble Eugene   P519
37 Gooden, Robert L  12 Jul 1895Tipton County, Tennessee P1155
38 Gray, Nell Rhea   P2080
39 Henderson, F K  Tipton County, Tennessee P2601
40 McCain, Henry Hugh  17 Jun 1843Tipton County, Tennessee P1542
41 McCain, James M  2 Dec 1865Tipton County, Tennessee P1547
42 McCain, Mary J  28 Jul 1845Tipton County, Tennessee P1539
43 McClelland, Charles Blake Atty  17 Jan 1877Tipton County, Tennessee P1853
44 McGee, G R  Tipton County, Tennessee P2602
45 Miller, Bessie  5 Jan 1920Tipton County, Tennessee P799
46 Miller, Lona Lorea  22 Jul 1913Tipton County, Tennessee P802
47 Miller, Verbel Newton  27 Oct 1911Tipton County, Tennessee P803
48 Mills, Hugh Jackson  20 May 1867Tipton County, Tennessee P833
49 Mills, Lorene H   P821
50 Mills, Peggy Joyce   P820

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Cathryn L  1 Sep 2020Tipton County, Tennessee P2267
2 Jane  20 Apr 1895Tipton County, Tennessee P718
3 Adams, Mary Ann  17 Dec 1893Tipton County, Tennessee P2094
4 Adkison, George Washington  17 Apr 1918Tipton County, Tennessee P162
5 Allen, Martha A.  29 Oct 1949Tipton County, Tennessee P1981
6 Allen, Martha A.  29 Oct 1949Tipton County, Tennessee P1991
7 Amos, James  1834Tipton County, Tennessee P164
8 Anderson, Charlotte Omalia "Lottie"  23 Sep 1961Tipton County, Tennessee P2046
9 Angela, James W  Tipton County, Tennessee P1526
10 Anthony, Thomas Carey  21 Dec 1875Tipton County, Tennessee P2089
11 Archer, Charles Creed II  23 April 1880Tipton County, Tennessee P2184
12 Archer, Eddie  1874Tipton County, Tennessee P2186
13 Armstrong, J S  Tipton County, Tennessee P2227
14 Armstrong, Joshua Abraham "Josh"  4 Dec 1961Tipton County, Tennessee P926
15 Ashe, Ruby Glenn  1918Tipton County, Tennessee P2228
16 Atkins, Lydle  1916Tipton County, Tennessee P2232
17 Banks, Joseph Wyatt  1918Tipton County, Tennessee P2381
18 Banks, Lafayette Ross "Pat"  17 Feb 1948Tipton County, Tennessee P2328
19 Barlow, Drakley Charles I  8 Apr 2006Tipton County, Tennessee P2466
20 Barret, Robert S  19 Jan 1870Tipton County, Tennessee P2110
21 Barret, Willie E  29 Sep 1868Tipton County, Tennessee P2183
22 Baskins, Andrew Jackson  1880Tipton County, Tennessee P837
23 Beaver, Joseph Carroll  21 Apr 1948Tipton County, Tennessee P2598
24 Beavers, Sarah Alice "Sallie"  28 July 1948Tipton County, Tennessee P2358
25 Blankenship  Tipton County, Tennessee P1003
26 Blankenship, Thomas Leven  25 Dec 1911Tipton County, Tennessee P885
27 Delaney, Florence Cornelious  11 Jan 1944Tipton County, Tennessee P1395
28 Delaney, Samuel Larkin "Sam"  17 May 1938Tipton County, Tennessee P1390
29 Dunlap, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  25 Jun 1923Tipton County, Tennessee P691
30 Glass, Amanda Matilda  25 Feb 1917Tipton County, Tennessee P601
31 Glass, Edward Franklin  29 Jul 2007Tipton County, Tennessee P300
32 Glass, Tabitha T  1990Tipton County, Tennessee P310
33 Gooden, Abraham "Abron" Lee I  29 Apr 2004Tipton County, Tennessee P1131
34 Gooden, Abram  8 Apr 1915Tipton County, Tennessee P1130
35 Gray, Cora Lee  2 Dec 1960Tipton County, Tennessee P2599
36 Harris, Oram A  1 Jul 1834Tipton County, Tennessee P550
37 Harris, Raymond Mewborn  1977Tipton County, Tennessee P552
38 Hemp, Morris  19 Aug 1965Tipton County, Tennessee P379
39 Henderson, F K  Tipton County, Tennessee P2601
40 Jones, Cornelia  9 Nov 1948Tipton County, Tennessee P1055
41 McCain, James M  14 Sep 1866Tipton County, Tennessee P1547
42 McGee, G R  Tipton County, Tennessee P2602
43 McQuiston, Hugh William Boyd  27 Aug 1852Tipton County, Tennessee P1720
44 Miller, Jane  Feb 1917Tipton County, Tennessee P682
45 Miller, Verbel Newton  Nov 1985Tipton County, Tennessee P803
46 Mills, Mary Anna  30 Mar 1915Tipton County, Tennessee P842
47 Mills, Yerby Samuel  4 Oct 1954Tipton County, Tennessee P829
48 Misenheimer, Margaret A "Maggie"  11 Mar 1931Tipton County, Tennessee P2573
49 Moore, Mary Luie  Bef 1916Tipton County, Tennessee P290
50 Owen, Sinthia  Abt. 1834Tipton County, Tennessee P702

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Glass Stegall, Edna Earl  Tipton County, Tennessee P212


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Blankenship / Rose  21 Aug 1920Tipton County, Tennessee F195
2 Dawson / Mills  19 Jan 1871Tipton County, Tennessee F174
3 Hall / Lackey  1921Tipton County, Tennessee F608
4 Hall / Talley  1943Tipton County, Tennessee F606
5 Mills / Burton  9 Jun 1918Tipton County, Tennessee F155
6 Mills / Whitesides  22 Dec 1892Tipton County, Tennessee F163