Tipton County Tennessee Family Trees

Covington, Tipton, Tennessee



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baptist, Mary Lumpkin  24 Oct 1879Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2282
2 Glass, Julius Caesar Napoleon  11 Mar 1834Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I488
3 Glass, Sarah Ann  24 No 1840Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I831
4 Miller, James Ashley  29 Nov 1917Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I845


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alston, Chess  18 Feb 1920Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I4444
2 Alston, Chess  18 Feb 1920Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I5015
3 Alston, Eva M  11 May 1924Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I4319
4 Anderson, Elizabeth Drake "Lizzie"  30 Nov 1938Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2320
5 Barret, William Alexander  24 May 1946Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2005
6 Beasley, Charles David  26 Jun 1931Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2534
7 Boyd, William Townes CSA  5 Jun 1932Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2287
8 Brown, Nannie A  4 Apr 1941Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I3093
9 Byrd, Benjamin Franklin  26 Aug 1925Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I562
10 EDDINS, Arthur Henry  26 Feb 1975Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I3346
11 Field Maclin Sumervell, Ellen C "Nellie"  30 Nov 1929Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2706
12 Glass, David Lauderdale  30 Oct 1921Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I518
13 Glass, James Knox Polk  19 Dec 1921Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I520
14 Glass, Sarah Ann  26 Aug 1913Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I831
15 Glass, William "Willie" Harrison  7 Nov 1918Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I497
16 Goode, Myrtle Ida  15 Oct 1983Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I841
17 Hall Rice, Lela L  3 Sep 1914Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2779
18 Hassler, Betty Elizabeth  10 Feb 1954Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I1992
19 Hindman, Elizabeth Julia Ann  8 Sep 1906Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I772
20 Marshall, Elizabeth  18 Apr 1928Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I4781
21 Melton, Levi Benton  1 Mar 1914Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I4064
22 Mills, Donnie  24 Feb 1967Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I940
23 Paine, William Henry  14 Nov 1928Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I281
24 Portis, Mary Viola  9 Jun 1945Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2939
25 Richardson, William Asbury  6 Apr 1901Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I1686
26 Sadler, Mary Garland  6 Apr 1916Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I2022
27 Spray, Ida  11 Jul 1916Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I356
28 Whitley, Anna C  13 Mar 1922Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I431
29 Whitson, Blackstone Madison  27 Jul 1882Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I4188
30 Yarbro, Nora Lee  2 Jan 1965Covington, Tipton, Tennessee I3172


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Goode / Roberts  8 Aug 1912Covington, Tipton, Tennessee F49