Tipton County Tennessee Family Trees

Fayette County, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baucum, Lydia  1884Fayette County, Tennessee I4270
2 Belt, John  11 Oct 1872Fayette County, Tennessee I4420
3 Brake, Betty Ann  8 Aug 1946Fayette County, Tennessee I4889
4 Coe, Ora  24 Dec 1878Fayette County, Tennessee I972
5 Cothran, Walter S  8 Mar 1858Fayette County, Tennessee I4276
6 Davis, Eloise  22 Nov 1915Fayette County, Tennessee I1319
7 Davis Rayner, Lillie B  9 May 1922Fayette County, Tennessee I1038
8 Doyle, William Wyley II  Jan 1855Fayette County, Tennessee I1342
9 Gooden, Frank  Abt 1873Fayette County, Tennessee I1120
10 Gooden, Willie Ola  Nov 1879Fayette County, Tennessee I1229
11 Maddox, Carnell  25 Mar 1944Fayette County, Tennessee I3563
12 Whitmore, Hurlbut  Fayette County, Tennessee I4604


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 (Tucker) Goodwin, Monroe  Aft 1870Fayette County, Tennessee I1207
2 Baskervill, Ann  15 Oct 1916Fayette County, Tennessee I1221
3 Baskerville, Elizabeth "Betsy"  18 Dec 1921Fayette County, Tennessee I1135
4 Baskerville, Johnson  Abt 1910Fayette County, Tennessee I1231
5 Baskerville, Martha  Aft 1900Fayette County, Tennessee I1230
6 Bledsoe, Amey  Aft. 1869 Bef. 1870Fayette County, Tennessee I2751
7 Brodnax, Richard Thomas  27 Dec 1877Fayette County, Tennessee I4948
8 Cothran, Alexander  3 Sep 1842Fayette County, Tennessee I4123
9 Gooden, Cressy  Abt 1882Fayette County, Tennessee I958
10 Gooden, Frank  17 May 1939Fayette County, Tennessee I1120
11 Greer, James M "Jim"  13 Sep 1933Fayette County, Tennessee I143
12 Hall, John Miller  Abt 1880Fayette County, Tennessee I2774
13 Maddox, Carnell  8 Sep 1944Fayette County, Tennessee I3563
14 Mason, James Edward  1862Fayette County, Tennessee I3625
15 Pattat Williams Caldwell, Luttie Mae  23 Oct 1986Fayette County, Tennessee I4382
16 Robinson, Jane S "Jenny"  1863Fayette County, Tennessee I4124
17 Rudd, Mattie Belle  12 Jun 1936Fayette County, Tennessee I1088
18 Shivers, Dempsey  21 Dec 1949Fayette County, Tennessee I1223
19 Simpson, Norris Waldo Sr  3 Jul 1957Fayette County, Tennessee I3460
20 Steele, Ann Martha  27 Aug 1837Fayette County, Tennessee I2045
21 Thompson, Farrow Pewitt  29 Nov 1919Fayette County, Tennessee I1011
22 Whitmore, Hurlbut  5 Jan 1940Fayette County, Tennessee I4604
23 Williams, John Alfred "TJ"  1 Apr 1975Fayette County, Tennessee I2124
24 Williams, Thomas Roper  4 Aug 1881Fayette County, Tennessee I444


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Belt / Cook  4 Aug 1901Fayette County, Tennessee F1032
2 Doyle / Caldwell  29 Mar 1887Fayette County, Tennessee F311
3 Gooden / Coe  26 Dec 1894Fayette County, Tennessee F225
4 Phillips / Broughton  25 Feb 1887Fayette County, Tennessee F802
5 Snyder / Mize  28 Mar 1937Fayette County, Tennessee F815