Tipton County Tennessee Family Trees

Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee



Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beaver, James Gordon  20 Sep 1926Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4137
2 Capps, Virginia Warren  6 Aug 1845Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2049
3 Dartez, Carmen Aleen  3 May 1957Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I5537
4 Patterson, Chester "Sonny"  23 Feb 1936Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2856
5 Waddell, Cheryl Jean  27 Jan 1953Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I1864


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, William Lewis  10 Feb 2006Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2322
2 Anderson, William Dumont Dr  19 Dec 1867Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2318
3 Banks, William Cummins "Billy"  28 Jun 1952Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I1408
4 Barnes, Dixie Allene  Nov 1994Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I5520
5 Barton, James Edmunds  5 Feb 1918Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I1986
6 Beavers, Virgil Audrey  26 Feb 1930Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4131
7 Belt, James Edgar  25 Jan 1946Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4433
8 Best, Ellen R  16 Jan 1953Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I277
9 Blankenship, Virgie Ola  14 Jul 1964Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I715
10 Bolick, Mildred  29 Aug 1969Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2193
11 Booker, Annie May  12 Apr 1915Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4675
12 Booker, Daughter (Twin)  19 Oct 1918Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4692
13 Booker, Daughter (twin)  19 Oct 1918Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4693
14 Boyd, Elizabeth Taylor  6 Jul 1949Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I1375
15 Brodnax, George Taylor  19 Feb 1917Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4925
16 Clark, Robert Adolphus  15 Jul 1958Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3963
17 Cloyes, Fletcher Hanberry  25 Jan 1969Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3861
18 Coats, George Gilbert  1 Nov 1930Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3248
19 Farley, James  8 Aug 1962Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I982
20 Faught, Stanley Payne  9 Mar 1972Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2885
21 Faught, Walker Sales  10 Sep 1996Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2835
22 Gatlin, Estes Barrett "James"  6 Sep 1952Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I559
23 Gatlin, Holmes Ella "Homzie"  16 Mar 1945Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I557
24 Glaze, Viola M  21 Jan 1935Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4973
25 Goforth, William Herman  2 Nov 1939Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I817
26 Goode, Daniel Henry “Danny”  15 Jul 1957Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I237
27 Hamby, Cornelia  7 Feb 1994Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2323
28 Haynie, Frances L "Annie"  21 Dec 1921Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2032
29 Johnson, James Arthur "Spool Jack"  11 Jun 2018Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3583
30 Miller, Anna Belle  5 Nov 1927Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2748
31 Pennel, Blanche  24 Jan 1954Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2392
32 Phillips, Glenda June  10 Mar 2008Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I5539
33 Rice, Joseph A  4 Aug 1894Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3047
34 Rogers, Lola Estell  16 Aug 1933Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I4129
35 Sanders, Lillie May  28 Apr 1978Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2876
36 Simpson, Jane "Jennie"  16 Feb 1953Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I2430
37 Thompson, Walter Vance  15 May 1983Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I1016
38 Walker, Infant Daughter  13 Sep 1950Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3341
39 Walker, Mark Anthony Sr  25 Jan 1945Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3389
40 Walker Smith, Mary Sue  24 Sep 1974Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3033
41 Williams, Lucy M  18 Oct 1918Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I632
42 Yarbro Dunn, Nora Lee  3 Jan 1965Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3159


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Fisher Williford, Virgie  Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3010
2 Hill, Alphonso Bruce Capt  1 Feb 1919Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee I3180