Tipton County Tennessee Family Trees

South Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 J A  Abt 1835South Carolina I1452
2 M G  Abt 1824South Carolina I1778
3 Margaret  Abt 1821South Carolina I1846
4 Martha  Abt 1788South Carolina I1444
5 Martha W  Jan 1836South Carolina I1892
6 Mary  Abt 1835South Carolina I1754
7 Nancy  Abt 1836South Carolina I1184
8 R J  Abt 1837South Carolina I1458
9 Silby  Abt 1782South Carolina I1384
10 Ash, William Joseph  Mar 1856South Carolina I2272
11 Banks, H C  Abt 1847South Carolina I1401
12 Banks, Margaret Robinson  21 Nov 1827South Carolina I2373
13 Banks, Robert McCulloch  7 Apr 1821South Carolina I2372
14 Banks, Robert McCullough  7 Apr 1821South Carolina I1416
15 Bolick, William Alonzo Lee  9 Jun 1863South Carolina I2194
16 Cannon, Julia F  Abt 1820South Carolina I1782
17 Draffin, Mary Jane  23 Dec 1798South Carolina I1428
18 Draffin, Mary Jane  23 Dec 1798South Carolina I1435
19 Erwin, Daniel  Abt 1805South Carolina I1851
20 Faulkner, John J  Abt 1828South Carolina I1424
21 Feezor, George  Abt 1816South Carolina I1362
22 Ferguson, Catherine  1802South Carolina I3376
23 Flemming, W C  Abt 1818South Carolina I1659
24 Forsythe, Jane  5 Jul 1829South Carolina I1412
25 Frierson, Sidney  20 Mar 1815South Carolina I349
26 Gettys, Jane  Abt 1789South Carolina I1430
27 Gorton, H  Abt 1830South Carolina I1736
28 Grant, Joseph H  Abt 1868South Carolina I3424
29 Grant, Sarah  Abt 1861South Carolina I3428
30 Hayes, Jane  Abt 1810South Carolina I1516
31 Hayes, John  Abt 1805South Carolina I1595
32 Hill, J S  Abt 1820South Carolina I1819
33 Hill, Robert  Abt 1791South Carolina I1818
34 Irwin, A O  Abt 1835South Carolina I1753
35 Knight, John  Abt 1825South Carolina I1181
36 Lynn, John  24 Jul 1810South Carolina I1651
37 McClinton, James  Abt 1824South Carolina I1292
38 McCormick, E J  Abt 1855South Carolina I1462
39 McCormick, G N  Abt 1840South Carolina I1459
40 McCormick, J S  Abt 1846South Carolina I1461
41 McCormick, N R  Abt 1830South Carolina I1451
42 McCormick, S A  Abt 1835South Carolina I1457
43 McCormick, W B  Abt 1844South Carolina I1460
44 McCright, J R  Abt 1830South Carolina I1796
45 McCuller, Robert  Abt 1834South Carolina I1183
46 McCulley, Isaac A Jr  Oct 1846South Carolina I3417
47 McHenry, Mary J  Abt 1847South Carolina I1260
48 McQueston, Hugh M Mcquiston  1 May 1825South Carolina I1533
49 McQuiston, A J  Abt 1813South Carolina I1777
50 McQuiston, Elizabeth  18 Jun 1818South Carolina I1652

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Wright /   24 Apr 1856South Carolina F1677
2 Wright / Price  24 Apr 1856South Carolina F803