Tipton County Tennessee Family Trees

Tennessee, USA



Latitude: 35.705, Longitude: -84.9584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Susan Elizabeth  12 Feb 1844Tennessee, USA I2136
2 Adkins, Myrtle Irine  18 Jul 1883Tennessee, USA I4830
3 Adkinson, Charles  1768Tennessee, USA I2071
4 Adkinson, Joseph Bernard  Jan 1892Tennessee, USA I3753
5 Adkinson, Maud  Nov 1886Tennessee, USA I3758
6 Adkinson, William E "Will"  Sep 1883Tennessee, USA I3756
7 Adkinson Dawson, Clemmie L  Aug 1894Tennessee, USA I3759
8 Adkinson Fite, Lillie P  Sep 1883Tennessee, USA I3757
9 Adkisson, Martha  1770Tennessee, USA I2070
10 Allen, Babe  1870Tennessee, USA I1914
11 Allen, Babe  1870Tennessee, USA I1923
12 Allen, Edna A  Abt 1863Tennessee, USA I1930
13 Allen, Edna A  Abt 1863Tennessee, USA I1939
14 Allen, Edna Alice  29 Jul 1863Tennessee, USA I1908
15 Allen, Mattie  1866Tennessee, USA I1913
16 Allen, Mattie  1866Tennessee, USA I1922
17 Angelo, Calvin  21 Jul 1830Tennessee, USA I1294
18 Angelo, Elizabeth E "Eliza"  2 Sep 1827Tennessee, USA I1977
19 Angelo, John William  Nov 1834Tennessee, USA I1975
20 Angelo, Valerius Peter  21 Jan 1825Tennessee, USA I1976
21 Archer, Creed Taylor  Nov 1849Tennessee, USA I2402
22 Archer, Elizabeth Isabelle  1834Tennessee, USA I2301
23 Archer, Frances A  1847Tennessee, USA I2403
24 Archer, Henry J  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I2401
25 Archer, Kate  Jan 1887Tennessee, USA I2410
26 Archer, Mabel  16 Oct 1880Tennessee, USA I2406
27 Archer, Medona  9 Sep 1893Tennessee, USA I2407
28 Archer, Nathan B  1849Tennessee, USA I2309
29 Archer, Richard P  Abt 1841Tennessee, USA I2404
30 Archer, Thomas Ferdinand  1836Tennessee, USA I2302
31 Archer, William F  Aug 1832Tennessee, USA I2310
32 Baker, Emily L  Abt 1823Tennessee, USA I4160
33 Banks, Bessie Bell  Apr 1894Tennessee, USA I2296
34 Banks, Clyde Douglas  12 Feb 1884Tennessee, USA I2292
35 Banks, Walter M  Apr 1897Tennessee, USA I2297
36 Banks, William Osborn  1 Nov 1888Tennessee, USA I2294
37 Barton, Lalie  Jan 1843Tennessee, USA I3953
38 Beaver, Claude Gaston  2 Apr 1884Tennessee, USA I3881
39 Beaver, Everet Lee  10 Dec 1882Tennessee, USA I3880
40 Beaver, Linds Gorden  Jun 1897Tennessee, USA I3884
41 Beddingfield, Simon Winford  3 Nov 1930Tennessee, USA I4235
42 Bell, Samuel Houston  Aug 1842Tennessee, USA I4246
43 Beloate, Marion "Slim"  19 Nov 1889Tennessee, USA I4219
44 Best, Ellen R  27 Nov 1870Tennessee, USA I277
45 Bibb, Joseph H  1 Jan 1859Tennessee, USA I4358
46 Bibb, Margaret Ann  23 Sep 1869Tennessee, USA I4394
47 Bigham, James Madison  2 Feb 1819Tennessee, USA I4242
48 Blanchard, Robert Freed  25 Mar 1896Tennessee, USA I4709
49 Blankenship, Cinthia E  Nov 1860Tennessee, USA I1565
50 Blankenship, Dora  Sep 1885Tennessee, USA I1568

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, James A.  Tennessee, USA I2229
2 Atkinson, Mary Martha  1910Tennessee, USA I2094
3 Bright, Mary Polly  Aft Feb 1839Tennessee, USA I2583
4 Brooks, Addie  1914Tennessee, USA I5016
5 Culbreath, Hughel D DNA  Tennessee, USA I4102
6 Doyle, Thomas Newsom Jr  30 Sep 1865Tennessee, USA I3132
7 Gooden, Robert L  Tennessee, USA I976
8 Gross, Obie Ellis  22 Feb 1963Tennessee, USA I5423
9 Hall Sorrells, Melissa  1880Tennessee, USA I2754
10 Lynn, John  12 Jan 1886Tennessee, USA I1651
11 Oswald, John W  Abt 1924Tennessee, USA I3012
12 Robinson, Laura A  18 JulTennessee, USA I1528
13 Simmons, Edney Ann  Bef 1850Tennessee, USA I1933
14 Smith, Alexander Washington Sr  21 May 1866Tennessee, USA I2023
15 Talley, Jefferson Wallace  12 Dec 1966Tennessee, USA I2784
16 Wilber, Frances Elizabeth  1845Tennessee, USA I2068
17 Wilkes, Mary Ada  1922Tennessee, USA I2482


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Adkisson / Wilber  1764Tennessee, USA F480
2 Boals / Polk  1835Tennessee, USA F1100